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Welcome to The Queens Studio

The Queens Studio is the exclusive coaching venue for Jodie Lynne McClintock. Ms. McClintock is a respected actress who has appeared in film and television as well as on Broadway and Off, in London's West End, at Israel's National Theatre - the Habimah, and at major regional theatres across the country. She is also an influential acting coach. Ms. McClintock strongly believes it is her sacred responsibility to pass along the knowledge she has gained as an actress. To quote George Bernard Shaw (with a twist) “Those who can, do. Those who can do more, teach.”

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In the coaching work at the Queens Studio, Ms. McClintock employs a system she calls:

The Imagination released into playing Action

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Acting International New York Workshop

"There aren't enough words to adequately express my gratitude to Jodie. She is an amazing teacher, actor, mentor, and friend. I would not have gotten accepted to grad school without her help and guidance. Jodie is an expert on all facets of the grad school audition process and has helped countless students regularly get accepted into the top acting programs in the country..."

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