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Jodie's clients have won entrance to:

MFA Graduate Schools/Drama Programs

American Repertory Theatre/Harvard
Yale School of Drama
USD Old Globe
UC San Diego/La Jolla
University of Southern California
Brown University/Trinity Rep
University of Washington
Florida State/Asolo
University of Texas Austin
University of Delaware
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Central School of Speech and Drama
Birmingham School of Acting UK
Drama Studio London



Carnegie Mellon
NYU Steinhardt
High School of the Performing Arts



Shakespeare’s Globe International Acting Fellow
Fulbright Fellow


Many of my clients have gone on to teach as well:

NY Film Academy
Loyola University
University of Tennessee
UT Austin
SUNY Fredonia
University of Colorado

Thinking About Grad School?

To Grad School or Not to Grad School

Whether or not to audition for Grad School is a very important decision and one not to be made lightly. Attending an MFA program or British Drama School is one path to a career as an actor. But it is not the only path. Therefore the decision to audition for these programs is a very personal one. Coaching for this process should be as unique and individual as you are. Auditioning for grad school is a wonderful crucible for honing audition skills whether or not one gets into any given program.  The percentages that you will indeed get into one of the top 12 schools is minimal at best on your first try (most get in on their second or even third year of auditioning- although first timers getting in is not unheard of- indeed I have coached many!) At the end of each annual audition season, we determine what the next step on your career path should be, in school or not. But the pieces and skills you have developed in the coaching process will serve you for many years to come.

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” - Arthur Ashe Jr.

Preparation is the key to success. To that end, I tailor our process to your particular talent and financial needs. This kind of audition is so personal that it is not the kind of skill that can be fostered in a classroom environment where you are competing for the teacher's attention and time. Individual one-to-one sessions are the most effective means of creating a distinctive customized audition. Each January the grad school coaching process culminates in a mock audition/interview session with clients prior to the beginning of the actual audition season.

I am flexible and can create a coaching plan that fits your needs and the constraints of your wallet!  The frequency of your sessions depends upon your time and financial resources and the amount of homework and rehearsal you are willing to complete between sessions. I conduct coaching during the days and evenings and on weekends. But I do have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel a session outside of that time frame, there is absolutely no charge. As a working actor myself in this economy, I know how important each and every dollar spent on coaching can be. I accept payment in cash, by check, or money order and will give you a receipt for your taxes.

I would be happy to further discuss the coaching process as I perceive it and which programs I feel might best provide the kind of training you are looking for.  To book your first session, you can contact me via email at or by phoning the studio (718) 476-2590.

I look forward to meeting you and taking this journey together.

100% of my 2010 clients placed!

Back Row:
Zak Wilson currently at Asolo/FSU, Alison Gregory currently at ART/Harvard, me, Daniel Lendzian currently at UT Austin

Front Row:
Caitlin Davies Sporborg currently at Brown/Trinity Rep, Lisa Maley currently at ART/Harvard,
Erin Whitney currently at Asolo/FSU

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