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Caitlin (Sporborg) Davies
is currently attending the MFA program at Brown/Trinity Rep.

"Jodie Lynne McClintock is everything an acting coach should be. A talented actress herself, Jodie helped me to see my own potential and worked tirelessly with me to hone these skills and properly prepare me for my graduate school auditions. In the process, not only did I become a better actress and ultimately have incredibly successful graduate school auditions (I was accepted into Brown/Trinity Rep’s MFA program) that I felt proud of, I also gained a true mentor and friend. Having spoken to other actors that have studied with Jodie, I know that she works tirelessly with every student that walks through her door to make them the best performer they can be and has a high success rate of getting people into the graduate schools of their choice or cast in productions. I know that Jodie will always be there for me to talk about acting, my career, or my life. I highly recommend Jodie Lynne McClintock as an acting coach to anyone wishing to hone his or her craft."

Jason Beaubien
is an actor (MFA grad ART/MXAT/Harvard University) and creator of the web series Return 2 Sender.

"There aren't enough words to adequately express my gratitude to Jodie. She is an amazing teacher, actor, mentor, and friend. I would not have gotten accepted to grad school without her help and guidance. Jodie is an expert on all facets of the grad school audition process and has helped countless students regularly get accepted into the top acting programs in the country. From monologue selection to wardrobe decisions to the application and interview process, Jodie was there guiding me every step of the way. She absolutely cannot be beat when it comes to choosing a coach for grad school preparation!

I continue to go to Jodie for audition prep and have referred numerous friends and colleagues to her. I have sent everyone from the absolute beginner just entering the acting field to the professional who is looking for help with callbacks for Broadway, regional theatre, television, and film to her and without fail, every person has come out falling in love with Jodie and her approach to acting! She is the perfect combination of nurturing and support while still holding one to the highest of standards. She has helped me break many of my personal acting habits that I so often used as a crutch and as a result my performances/auditions have felt more natural and nuanced (and more fun!).

Aside from being a great teacher, she is also a terrific actress who is constantly working in all mediums. She understands what it's like to audition because she actually does it. Jodie has experience with everything from Shakespeare to sitcoms and is excited to share her wisdom and insights. She wants nothing more than to see her students succeed and her results speak for themselves!"

Erin Whitney
is currently attending the MFA program at Asolo/FSU.

"If I had not met Jodie McClintock, I think I would still be running around New York City broke, like a chicken with my head cut off.  Lucky for me, her Queens Studio provided the ideal ambiance for focused, intelligent and inspired work.  On my first visit, Jodie pulled from memory at least 30 or 40 contemporary plays that had characters suitable for my look and type. I checked these out from the Lincoln Center library and scanned them for monologues. Turns out, I was personally drawn to about half of them. These I read out loud, and we discussed how we felt about each piece. For graduate program auditions, we settled on two of them and also worked on four Shakespeare pieces.  Working with Jodie was like a breath of fresh air.  She is calm and considerate. Even when I was on edge from a busy day, sessions were always productive. This put me at ease and allowed me to ask real questions I had about acting, Shakespeare, directors, anything industry related. Over the course of a few months we delicately transformed the pieces into living portraits that nailed the absolute right grad program for me personally, and that continue to nail auditions for me at regional theatres around the country. Three years ago, I felt that I had a great inner actress trapped inside me, struggling to present my skills in the proper way.  Because Jodie is thorough, brilliant and invested, my own hard work finally yielded results; and I was able to finally discover myself as an artist. It was an absolutely invaluable experience, one I wish for everyone."

Daniel Lendzian
is currently attending the MFA program at UT/Austin.

"There are people that one meets that change the course of one’s life forever. For me, Jodie Lynne McClintock is one of those people. I first met Jodie while performing in a production of Romeo and Juliet. I was blown away by her performance, by her knowledge of, and connection to the text. I felt as if I was in the presence of one of those fabled RSC actors (little did I know!) She was equally funny and moving in the role of the Nurse, and I knew I had to get to know her. In conversation, she told me that she was an acting coach, and I quickly made the decision to study with her.

I began coaching sessions with Jodie to prepare for Graduate School Auditions. Soon after, I began to realize that my work with her was the perfect bridge between my undergraduate education and the work I had done professionally. Jodie helped me pick monologues that were unique, and that spoke to me as a human and an artist. Jodie has an almost 6th sense when it comes to selecting audition material for students, (and I continue to use some of the pieces that we worked together). Throughout our sessions, Jodie addressed lingering technique questions that I had with care and understanding. I became a better actor working with Jodie in those months, and went into my auditions feeling prepared and ready to attend graduate school. After a number of successful auditions and callbacks, it became clear that I was not going to be accepted into graduate school that year. Immediately, Jodie helped me to start planning for the future. We discussed many different options for the upcoming months, and continued working together. We decided that I should do another round of graduate school auditions, and began preparations. Jodie and I worked together on every facet of my audition and the application process. I went into my auditions feeling even stronger than I had the year before. I, again, received callbacks and great feedback, and accepted an offer from The University of Texas at Austin. This never would have occurred without the help of Jodie Lynne McClintock.

I feel blessed to count Jodie Lynne McClintock as a friend and mentor. She is a constant source of inspiration, and I find myself referencing her whenever I work. She is the perfect blend of American and British Acting styles, and her knowledge of classical material is unparalleled. Also, I have made great friends with students from the Queens Studio, which feels like an artistic home. I cannot recommend Jodie highly enough. If you are considering working with her, please do it. You will be eternally grateful.

Puja (Lalmalani) Mohindra
is an actress (MFA grad American Conservatory Theatre) and has appeared in film, TV (CSI Miami, Ghost Whisperer) and theatre (South Coast Rep, NYTW).

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about a wonderful friend of mine, Jodie McClintock . . . she is a fantastic teacher and artist and an exceptional human being.

I'm introducing you to her because we are bombarded with names and schools as we seek to train in our craft and grow artistically. It took me a year and a half to discover Jodie, and as we all know, a good teacher can take you places you never knew you could go, and a not-so-great teacher can't . . . at worst, a not-so-great teacher can even damage your instrument.

I met Jodie through Anita Gandhi - whom some of you know. Anita is one of more than 12 students that have gone to grad school at Yale with the help of Jodie's coaching. Jodie prepared numerous other students who have received admissions to grad programs at NYU, the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, the American Repertory Theatre at Harvard, Brown University, University of Washington, the American Conservatory Theatre, UC-Irvine, Univ. of California - San Diego, and many others.

Earlier this year, I worked on "Far Away", at the New York Theatre Workshop. The show starred Frances McDormand and a fantastic young actor, Chris Messina. Chris played a leading role and did an amazing job. I later found out that he, too, has studied under Jodie.

Excuse my rambling on about Jodie's glories, but I absolutely adore her, so I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I am telling you about her because I think she's been a secret for too long, and I want you to know what an amazing resource, guide, and friend she can be as we prepare for auditions, shows, films, and all the other creative processes that we are blessed to participate in.

I know that many of you have found your own "gurus" in NYC or wherever you happen to be, but I just wanted to introduce you to mine. I appreciate and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Anitha Gandhi
is an actress (MFA grad Yale School of Drama) and has appeared in film (Starting Out in the Evening), TV (Law and Order CI, Damages) and theatre (Yale Rep).

I have learned so much from Jodie, it is almost hard to articulate in words. She has helped me break so many actor habits and I have become freer with my choices. I judge less and give more, She has taught me to take risks and go big and then to gracefully trim down to reach the truth in each character. Jodie is a genius when it comes to classical texts and we would go over every word of a piece to decipher the sound, meaning, perspective, relevance, and significance to the character, the play, and within the context of the society when the play was written. She coaches on every detail from acting to what to wear to an audition and I consult with her frequently on my professional auditions on the simplest detail of what color my shirt should be to the complex notion of what my character wants. Everything I do onstage or in an audition is credited to her constant guidance.

Jodie treats her students like they are each her children and their success is the most important goal in her career.

I would not have gotten into Yale Drama without her. That whole audition, callback, everything was a result of her pushing and pushing to take a chance and to not take the easy road. Every question the auditioner asked me, I answered solidly and without hesitation because Jodie prepared from every possible angle. And she did so in a way to allow for my own interpretation and flexibility in order to be able to be molded by someone else if need be.

Eric Stone
attended the MFA program at the Yale School of Drama.

Without sounding hokey and pretentious, I can honestly say that working with Jodie changed my life and outlook on theater and what is means to be an actor and artist in this society. Jodie teaches with a unique combination of intense focus, humor, direction, ease, compassion and understanding unlike any other teacher I've ever had or worked with. She is highly perceptive to where every actor is in his/her work at every given moment, and has the unique gift of pulling out magnetic performances from the most unlikely people. Jodie's authentic love and passion for Shakespeare and the work is rooted in every aspect of her teaching. She never "breaks-down" an actor, but empowers them through work on both the vocal and physical, as well as the inner-workings and individuality of the character. She is a teacher who believes in action and playing action rather than in wallowing, emotional self-indulgence. Jodie's extremely healthy and joyful approach to these methods of teaching produces amazing creativity and individuality in every actor and performance. I believe Jodie's productivity stems from her abilities and talents as a director and working actress.

On working monologues, Jodie helps the actor approach the character as if he/she is actually playing the part. She teaches from the beginning processes of discovering a character through text and character breakdown to the actual playing of the scenes through action. Monologues can often be a grueling process, but Jodie helps the actor to discover and develop a character from beginning to end, which was often thrilling and fun. She is present in every moment and has an enhanced perceptivity and keen eye for detail, which makes every actor shine in their own truth and imagination.

The private monologue work I did with Jodie in 1999 culminated into my acceptance to the Yale School of Drama graduate acting program. Each year Jodie coaches a large number of graduate school applicants and virtually every student has been accepted into one of the top-five graduate acting schools in the United States. I've recommended a number of friends to Jodie and all have achieved success after having working with her, including a friend accepted to Yale drama this coming fall.

I've studied acting at both RADA in London, and at the Yale School of Drama, and have not encountered or worked with a teacher and actress of Jodie's caliber and skill at either school. Her love for the theater and acting is infectious and she has enlightened me on a myriad of levels.

If it isn't obvious from my above comments, Jodie is a wonderful support to each and every one of her students. She works with the student from where they are in the moment and tells the truth with their progress and ability in ways that are always productive, healthy, and creative. She always treats her students like professionals, even if they are beginners, and encourages them to be professionals by taking risks and challenging themselves with the business. Most importantly, she is honest and direct at all times. Jodie has an ability to point out a student's struggles/issues with pure truth and directness, while simultaneously making them feel respected, excited, and engaged.

The beauty of working with Jodie is that she is herself a successful working actress and is equally on the line auditioning and performing. She is extremely knowledgeable with every aspect of the business - from theater to film to television - and can direct and guide her students with both business and career choices and direction. This is unique in that many teacher and coaches are removed from the business themselves. Jodie approaches the work as a religion, a vocation, and this is obvious and admirable to all her students. She allows her students to realize the struggles and truths of acting and the business without making them jaded, all the while inspiring a steep hunger for learning and growth.

It is important to know that Jodie chooses to be a teacher. She does it because she loves it and not because she has been forced into it. She is joyful and not jaded in her approach to the work. And her joy and desire to give has given life and spark to dozens of talented and successful actors around the country.

Jeff Farkash
is a graduate of the MFA program University of California Irvine.

Studying with Jodie is the best experience I ever had working with an acting instructor. Jodie hones in on your strengths and weaknesses and incrementally builds from there. She is an incredibly astute instructor who helps you to work through your pieces, not by holding your hand, but by allowing you to discover important elements of the material and working on it to improve your awareness and understanding, thereby dramatically improving your presentation of it. She creates a very open and enthusiastic environment. And she certainly "knows her stuff" - her list of prominent acting and teaching credits is a mile long. I had studied previously at a reputable acting conservatory before meeting her, and didn't even begin to comprehend Shakespeare until I worked with her. I only wish I had more time - I was accepted into one of the very best graduate acting programs in the country (thanks to her instruction) and had to leave New York. If I was still there, I would have continued working with her enthusiastically. And if/when I return to New York, I will continue with her. That's how good she is - that's how much I garnered from my experience under her tutelage.

Her classroom is more open and encouraging than any I have been in. She treats her students with respect and understanding, enthusiasm and encouragement. She is truly inspiring.

She's the best acting teacher I've ever seen, and a terrific person to boot.

Amy Murphy
is an actress and producer.

I find working with Jodie a great experience. She is very knowledgeable about theatre history and has a lot of stories to tell about the time of Shakespeare... Jodie knows and loves actors. She is very supportive when working with you and she has a lot of respect for the different ways that each individual works. Jodie can see your strengths and weaknesses very quickly and she has wonderful ideas to help you color all of your moments as you work. I learned a lot from Jodie that I already knew, but didn't know I knew as well. She has a positive energy unlike many teachers, or people, that allow you the safety to take risks and trust yourself inside, in a very deep place, without feeling indulgent or embarrassed. Jodie then helps you to translate to behavior all of your discoveries.

Jodie's classroom is very much a place for all to be respected. She doesn't have any power plays going on or any abusive teaching methods. That is the opposite of Jodie. She is good at creating a place for everyone to have a chance to speak and have their time.

Overall, I would highly recommend Jodie to anyone looking for a good coach, and I very often do. I think that someone with as much experience as Jodie and with the gift to impart knowledge as well as create a safe and soulful work space is a rarity in any art form. Simply she's the best.

Fiona Marr
is an actress and recording artist (Little Black Spiders) in London, England who attended the Circle in the Square Theatre School and Central School of Speech and Drama.

Working with Jodie was brilliant. She is a genius in understanding Shakespeare and she presents it to you with so much intelligence, color, energy and love. She brings out your imagination for the craft and stays close with you in owning your own individuality to the work. That's what I love about her! Coaching privately with her was fantastic! In fact, I didn't want the sessions to end.

Jodie's own professional background in the UK was one of the first reasons I decided to go to her. I was trying to enter into many of the UK Drama Schools and I knew she would have the hands-on experience that was necessary to assist me. She also creates a very calm and focused working place for you to be as free as you can to undergo and explore the work. She is definitely a master at what she does.

She has taught me so much about the craft, the business, and a little bit about myself too. Through her teachings I was called back many times to UK Drama Schools and placed on the Reserve List for the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and Yale School of Drama.

She is somewhat like a mother to all her students. She is respectful, loving, direct and honest.

She is the #1 master teacher here in New York and she should be recognized for her contribution, dedication and craftsmanship.

Artemis Preeshl
is founding producing artistic director of “Artemis and the Wild Things”, a Fulbright Fellow in India, an international acting fellow at Shakespeare’s Globe in London, and an associate professor at Loyola University in New Orleans.

Jodie is very specific about the diverse meanings of words. She is very insightful into the application of the text to a given production, especially as it relates to alternative setting of Shakespeare.

She crafts each moment carefully.

She listens well, encouraging the actor to bring out their own special interpretation.

She is gentle in her approach to students, firm at times when she feels that the student needs to be pushed. She strikes a good balance.

Emily Metz
is a writer, artist, and head of Touch of Crass Productions in NY.

I have learned confidence. I have learned how to break down text. How to play action. How to recognize an impulse and go with it. How to define character from text. How to support voice. I have learned and continue to learn an organic technique that I consider better than most. Jodie treats her students with great kindness and respect. I consider her to be an extraordinary resource. She is a formally trained actor who has a great ability to teach. She does so with passion and joy.

Laura Mayhew Lash
is an actress (The Sopranos) and mother of twins.

Jodie takes what I'm giving as an actor and expands on it. She doesn't try to "change" me. She also has a good sense for directing. She treats every student as an individual and is always respectful. Jodie came highly recommended to me and I've been impressed and enthused about her classes.

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